This was during a storm a few weeks ago. I have to leave work as soon as I got in the office when I heard the nearest dam in our city was in critical condition. While waiting for my ride home, I thought I wanted to be productive while standing for an hour at the side of the road. So I got my phone and took random shots of the rainy scene. Capturing people on an ordinary day in Manila boasting vibrant contrast of colors and textures that each has a quick story to tell. I hope you will enjoy this set! 10612355_10152474575498318_488008681_o

1066517_10152474909738318_1946783824_o1609042_10152474909833318_1789366137_o 10703166_10152474910033318_105163748_o 10565648_10152474910213318_606710114_o 10709749_10152474910473318_1666363273_o 10707289_10152474910593318_1596441284_o 10712184_10152474910723318_1950051568_o 1938914_10152474910893318_1629149126_o 10587079_10152474910978318_375263239_o 1060031_10152474911278318_97558065_o 10707618_10152474911103318_1785782765_o 1066473_10152474911463318_376837651_o 10638786_10152474912068318_1306631936_o


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