Free Download Camp John Hay Event Map

Free Download Camp John Hay Event Map

Camp John Hay in Baguio City is one of the top wedding destinations in the Philippines. Its high altitude location is the perfect venue for a country spring or cool weather wedding themes.

A college friend recently contacted me to create a map of Camp John Hay for her sister’s wedding. Since it’s very rare to find a decent map of the place, I plotted the CJH using existing ones online and created a cute hand drawn piece.

I wasn’t commisioned for this project, so it’s my pleasure to give it away for free! Download the Camp John Hay map for FREE by right clicking and Save image as… to your computer.  It’s easy to customize it when you use any design software. I hope this helps!

Free Camp John Hay Baguio City Map Amphitheatre Event

You are welcome. xxx Jade


Simple Tips to Direct a Portrait Shoot

Simple Tips to Direct a Portrait Shoot

It’s always refreshing to take photos of people. At last your subject interacts with you, rather than taking pictures of fallen leaves and coffee cups. Do you also wonder why most of the time candid shots really hit the spot. Here are simple steps to get you started with your portrait portfolio.

1. Know your subject

Joseph from

Start with asking what he or she wants to portray. I usually ask this before the session starts: Do you want your shots to look like Vogue or Rolling Stones? You’ll know it from there.


In this case, the model on the right smiles A LOT! Let these kind of models bring out the best of their poses through acting silly, doing kawaii poses, showing the world they are Miss smarty pants, or just look plain. Don’t burst their bubbles.

2. Build trust

Whoever your model is, you should get to know her like you guys are BFFs. Modeling ain’t easy you know! So at least she has to feel as if it is her own ANTM shoot. Never show off your Nigel Barker fangs. Not just yet.

3. Start with a concept

There’s no place for genericness in the world of art. Even the slightest details contribute to the wholeness of a concept.  Put it this way, artists use Photoshop, not the other way around. So don’t get overwhelmed with the props, backdrops and the way the models look. Start building by looking at the big idea first.

4. Look for an appropriate background that defines your subject







(Left) Smiley face + Concrete background = Uhh??

(Right) Emoting + cool hat plain black top + bricks = COOL!




Do you notice the disconnection between the warmth of her smile and the cold walls behind her?Mister/Miss Quirky Bubbly’s personality is too much for the camera to handle already. Choose either plain or patterned background to go with the model’s personality. Let them speak for themselves. You can also play with colors, textures, shapes, ideas, personalities, destinations, or even clothings. These add contrast to create a harmonious output.

5. You need to know how to pose

photographer poses for models
Image credits:

Tada! Don’t be that guy who just talks. Remember this is a visual journey between you and your subject. You should show how the angle and posing works. Showing what you want helps your model visualize your ideas. Then get your model do the pose.

6. Commend and encourage

Shy Girl
The Shy Sister from

It still does amazing wonders. Remember how you built trust together? You as a photographer should create that relaxed atmosphere. The more she feels comfy, the more your session gets productive.

7. Look and shoot. Listen and shoot. 

Beautiful shots were captured in between frames when no one’s looking. Be that ultimate hunter in the wild. Keep your finger on the shutter.

Poster Paint and Peacock Feather Drawing

Poster Paint and Peacock Feather Drawing


Would you believe this ain’t a vector art? Yes, we are talking about my header! This was a design that I made for a textile class plate back in college. I took photos of all my artworks made by hand before disposing them. I kept some of my favorites and that includes these two.

The designs clearly show my love for details, colors, and eccentricity even when I was younger! My parents encouraged me to get inspirations from research, watching TV, reading magazines, listening to music, and (carefully) scanning the pages of their expensive art books. 🙂 I also aspired to travel to India! But the closest thing to traveling was going to an Indian grocery store. I get good spices, hair oil, henna, and authentic food there. Anyway, here is a plate that I made for a textile design class. The idea was to come up with a tile design we later use as a pattern.

textile design plate college

And with this one below, I think it wasn’t approved as a textile pattern for a project. For production difficulty reasons I suppose. 🙂

Peacock feather graphic art drawing poster paint

So when I was looking for a picture to use as header on my blog site, I found this in my college days folder. My beautiful peacock feather drawing in poster paint. Yes, we used poster color on illustrations for ad campaigns. Everything was manually made. Unlike now, kids use Photoshop to rush a project!

How To Pack an iMac for a Move

How To Pack an iMac for a Move

Are you moving in to a different state or country? Do you have gadgets you want to ship? Can you pay an extra charge for box insurance? Do you want to save money from paying extra baggage fees and avoid the hassles of going through customs in the airport?

Have you really, really, really thought it through? If your answers are YES, go to a trusted pack and ship company now to help you. 

Okay, no judging here. I considered a lot of options in transporting my precious iMac, but a door-to-door shipping fits my needs. Thank you to our ever reliable courier company, I received my huge loot box in good condition after 3 months. (It takes that long to ship.) No poke holes and very intact.

Since I got a good experience, I am proud to share you my step-by-step DIY iMac packing.

 Step-by-Step Instructions to properly pack a 27″ iMac

Level of difficulty: Medium

Materials: Packing Tape, cargo box, plenty amount of bubble wrap

(1) Cover iMac with bubble wrap. Secure it with packing tape.
Here shows that when you pack it, the neck area tends to bend forward. You needed to fill it in for support.
(2) Roll a bubble wrap.


(3) Insert wrap in between the screen and neck enough to make it sturdy.
It should look like this. I prefer the screen fixed to this angle to support the screen’s weight when packed inside a box along with other items.
(4) Place the iMac diagonally inside the box. Fill the corners with bubble wrap to keep it intact. It also prevents the edges from poking through the box.
(5) I placed my sketchpad and huge drawing bag in front of the screen to prevent other items damaging it.
It also serves as an angle-support.
(6) Fun part! Fill up the spaces with I consider soft items such as shoes, clothes, and purses.
(7) Keeping the accessories: I prefer to place the accessories and computer all together in a box. (When I lose them, I lose them all. Haha)
(8) Put the mouse in a sock.
(9) Wrap your keyboard in a scarf.
Wrap it in a soft H&M scarf. 🙂
(10) Tie your cords.
(11) Place mouse, keyboards, and cords in a purse or pouch together.
(12) Secure it.
(13) Finish it up.
(14) Cover the top with bubble wrap. I also packed my plush blanket to cover the computer and other items. It also serves as a “security blanket” literally just in case courier people poke holes on top of the box.
(15) Seal the box with love. Get the most durable packing tape. Tape the box vertically, horizontally. Get your mailing address info printed on a paper, tape it on top, front, and back of the box. I also hand write address on the sides. 😛

There you have it. Packing an iMac all by yourself is such an accomplishment. It took me a couple of weeks on planning what to include in my box and researching the most reliable pack & ship in town. These guys helped me get my trust back. 🙂 Be sure to insure your box and get the tracking number to follow the progress of your package.


You can always call a nearby Apple Store and see if they can re-pack the iMac for you.

Pack ‘n’ Ship

350 Fortune Terrace Potomac, MD 20854 United States‎

+1 301-217-0938

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