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Summer in Charleston, South Carolina


Born 1986 in Quezon City, Philippines, Jade Kyla Eusebio Ocinar began painting as a child. Born to a family of artists and architects, art is in her nature. She studied Advertising Arts in University of Santo Tomas and earned her B.A. in 2006. She became the president of a prestigious art organization in her university; a Dean’s Lister; was a representative and awardee to several art competitions; a student leader; and an apprentice to local artists. She soon joined the Pasig Art Club and became the youngest member to enter the Board of Directors. Jade taught figure painting, portraiture, and creative courses as an art instructor to a sponsorship program supporting high school students who wanted to pursue Arts in college. In 2008, Jade and her mother, Chiqui Eusebio-Ocinar established an outreach program to inspire less-fortunate youth who possess artistic talents and became mentors to teens in pursuing their dreams.

Having Corona in South Beach, FL with family 🙂

With works that depict her inner visions about her experiences, Jade’s artworks were done in a charming way, with humor, and smart portrayal of characters which gives it an interesting perspective. A natural and sensitive artist, she shows compassion through her sketches and paintings. Each piece has a story of its own. She is a lover of the human figure. The imperfections of her subjects capture her interests and it inspires most of her artworks. She has a distinct style that boasts a rich palette of colors. Jade currently lives in Manila, Philippines.

Jade Ocinar Artist Blogger Painter Social Media Marketer Crafter
One of my favorite exhibits ever and my first solo show. 🙂
  • Favorite color: Green
  • Collects Chuck Taylor All Star Hi-Top
  • Neat
  • Addicted to mint flavor, menthol ointments and liniments
  • My signature scent is Clinique Happy
  • Best travel experience: Walking the streets of Kofu City, Japan in autumn

Connect with Jade!

E-mail: jadeocinar@gmail.com

Twitter: @thewanderjade
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/jadeocinar

Behance Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/jadeocinar

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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog Jade. Sounds like you’ve got a great background in the arts. I always wondered how my life would be different had I grown up in an environment like that, surrounded by artists and expression. Finding it was no simple task growing up but I am happy that I have and continue to grow as an artist. Your blog is a great inspiration.

    Alexander Johnny

    1. Hello, Alexander Johnny! I appreciate your beautiful message. When I visited your blog, I see a man who has inner peace.You love life and the world you go to that it reflects to every word you write. Your blog is something that I can read like a favorite novel.


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