Beyonce’s Lemonade and My Thirst for Art

Beyonce’s Lemonade and My Thirst for Art

I don’t know how to start. I can’t decide if I will do a review of Lemonade or just let the thoughts brew inside my mind until I give justice to this visual masterpiece. As some critics have said, the music won’t stand alone without seeing the film.

Beyonce Lemonade Album Cover

Lemonade is packed with juicy references to afro-diasporic religion, afrofuturism and southern gothic tropes. I especially love the spoken literature of Beyonce and Warsan Shire. The charm of the black and white wide shots of Louisiana and stillness of the south has been captured like fragments of my memories. 

I was intrigued by the trailer when I first saw it on my Facebook news feeds. I won’t let the weird feeling consume me so I searched for it and read what’s this Lemonade all about. I found out that it’s a work of art. Lemonade also showcased the talents of some A-plus directors and cinematographers.

The impression you will get from the trailer is different from what you’ll feel after watching the film. I was impressed by the styles and cinematography of each video. A viewer has to appreciate the words and the rationale behind each shot, not look at it as a freak show! If you are ready to see it, never ever watch it with angst and prejudice because you won’t find the gem hidden inside it. The beauty is in the eye of your intentions.

The following are my most loved parts of the film.

Beyonce Lemonade Louisiana
The Southern stillness and silence
Beyonce Lemonade Screenshot Solo
The interiors and emotions of an emotionless face
Beyonce Lemonade Can You see Me
Can you see me?
Beyonce Lemonade Room on Fire
Burning down the past
Beyonce Lemonade African Jacket Necklace Solo Shot
The aesthetics in this visual album is absolutely stunning
Beyonce Lemonade Jazz Louisiana
Beyonce Lemonade Afro Women
I love this wide shot of women by the oak tree with Spanish moss

Beyonce Lemonade Women

Beyonce Lemonade Redemption
All Night. Break of dawn, new day.

Beyoncé Lemonade Tracklist
1. Pray You Catch Me
2. Hold Up
3. Don’t Hurt Yourself featuring Jack White
4. Sorry
5. 6 Inch featuring The Weeknd
6. Daddy Lessons
7. Love Drought
8. Sandcastles
9. Forward featuring James Blake
10. Freedom featuring Kendrick Lamar
11. All Night
12. Formation

Disclaimer: I suppose you are an artist before you judge me or what I wrote . 

Please Don’t Disturb Me!

Please Don’t Disturb Me!

Trying to fill up spaces with pastel colors! My job was to assist and refine the edges of the painted tree. Mural painting is surely a meditative activity for everyone to try.

Jade Paint

Le Posh Blvd Perfume Review

Le Posh Blvd Perfume Review

Here’s a review on two of the best selling Le Posh Blvd perfumes, the Sweet Aqua and Lovely Julia.

Aside from the long lasting scent of Le Posh, the another reason why I love them so is because of how they value their customers as well as the resources they use.

Ingredients and safety: We strive to use high quality and traceable natural ingredients. We prefer to use plant oils.

Formulation and production: We develop our product formulas according to the principles of plant and scent therapy. We based all formulations on ideal standard requirements.

Packaging and communication: We use paper, cardboard and wood from sustainable managed forests.

Le Posh Blvd Perfume


Le Posh Blvd Lovely Julia Perfume
Le Posh Blvd Sweet Aqua Perfume

Le Posh Blvd focuses on offering to independent and vibrant individuals who may find bigger size with better value and also smallest size with higher value. They may be young and adults but with an inspiration to live life to the fullest. An upcoming line will be focused to the teens with an affordable price range but with a touch of glamour.



#132-C Nena Bldg., Bayani Rd. cor G. Araneta Ave.,Quezon City

Call Ms Jocelyn Chua at (02) 416-1857 to learn more about the upcoming collection. You can order personalized Perfume Sets, Packaging for events souvenirs


Rustan’s Essences Department Stores

Selected Cinderella stores

Instagram: @leposhblvd


Fall into a ‘love spell’ with Le Posh Blvd’s Kisses EDT. Enjoy its long lasting #sexy #fragrance in every spray. Available in 50ml and 100ml.#lovemonth #ValentinesDay

Shop online at Le Posh Blvd#perfumes and #colognes are also available at Rustans Essences Dept. Store in Gateway, Shangrila, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, and Rustan’s Cebu. For direct and bulk orders, call 416-1857.


2016 MAD WORLD Philippine Junior Marketing Association

2016 MAD WORLD Philippine Junior Marketing Association

Commence on a new era of a world of trends in a fast-changing society!

Microsoft Word - Document2.docx

Start-off this year as the Philippine Junior Marketing Association together with Havas Media Ortega, one of the leading integrated communications agencies in the Philippines, proudly present a convention that will set the prime standards for the academic community:

“MADWORLD : GENERATION OF DIGITAL CONTAGION” happening on the 31st day of January 2016 at the MOA Arena, Pasay City

from 1PM-6PM (Registration starts at 12noon)

Madworld is a prodigious event that is organized annually to cater the needs of students and graduates around the country who strive to excel in the field of Marketing and Advertising.

This year, PJMA aims to cater more delegates of the academe as we unfold the secrets on the art of trends and viral marketing.

Join us as we learn the culture behind the Social Media Era and master the Art of Virality together with our exceptional speakers who utilize their knowledge and skills in order to dominate the global market!

For further inquiries and other concerns, you may reach Wayne Lim at 09178909118 or email him at

Microsoft Word - Document2.docx

I Am Grateful For My: Job

I Am Grateful For My: Job



I am most grateful for my job.

I continue to love what I do.

I work with good people, best in what they do.

I collaborate with different teams because we all love to learn.

There’s happiness in not comparing yourself to others.

Answer emails, texts, and calls proactively.

People who trust what I can do are the ultimate blessings.

I can’t believe what I’ve achieved this year.



xxx Jade



Studio Visit | Danilo Arriola

Studio Visit | Danilo Arriola

It was drizzling on a Monday night when my husband and I went to visit Danilo Arriola in his studio. As if the weather and the stillness of our surroundings aligned for a cosmic mood of darkness and subtle light leading us to his studio. Very ambient and cozy, a collection of fine masterpieces welcomed us from the front door transporting us to 1600’s Amsterdam. JC and I were left with our mouths open in awe.

I brought my samovar and Iranian tea to accompany an intimate spontaneous gathering. A night of random chats, audio speaker recommendations from JC, usual artist rave and rants, and tea appreciation.

This wasn’t the first time I visited the studio but it sure looks different at day time. An evening visit showcases a play of textures and light not only in the paintings, but Danilo’s collection of gizmos and thingamabobs too.

Kuya Dan as I call him is an academy trained painter at The Florence Academy of Art, a chiaroscurist, a fellow fine artist, a good friend of mine, and a jewel tucked in a city called Pasig.

Having been taught uncontested truths, he is now an advocate of classical painting.  Caravaggio, Bouguereau, and Chardin are a few of his influences.  Danilo paints from life, as traditional as his predecessors.  He uses the sun as his source of light.  He translates nature onto canvas by capturing a subject’s vitality and the tone of its surrounding atmosphere. He explores time-tested painting techniques, methods and materials.


Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Series 1503 Red Sable Round Paint Brush Set in Elegant Black Faux Leather Travel Case, 4/6/10

Kuya Dan held a show earlier this year at the Artist Space in Ayala Museum. The show was featured at the Philippine Tatler, Philippine Star, and Arts & Culture Division Chronicles.


Catch our podcast soon!

To see more of Danilo’s works:

#DaniloArriola on Instagram


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