Spent this day with the Beatles on fm radio the whole day. Imagine how much records and songs they have. Awesome!

…and for this year’s Best Exploiting-and-Exploring-a-Culture-Award goes to…(roll the taiko drums please..as in literally..) JAPAN!! “I love you Japan. Kofu City, Yamanashi showed me love and they have accepted me as a freaking ignorant tourist. At least you’ve taught me how to say gomenasai always and you have introduced me to my bestfriend “nato” every breakfast. My first time to use chopsticks 3x a day, 10 days straight. I didn’t even experienced that in my Tokyo Tokyo days for 3 years. I appreciated your toilet bowl with bidet buttons. I miss your pedestrian crossing light twitting bird. I don’t mind walking miles to get to the train station. I wish I have a portal to your wonderful Kofu City. Sayonara countryroads..”

this year’s quote is…

“i’ve learned that, when i started to share what i feel to the world thru writing on- line, i feel happy for myself. it’s a form of sharing without the world letting you know they’re (well at least) benefiting from you.”