brian-gordon-green-snow-falling-on-trees-at-dusk1I dreamed of falling snow last night accompanied by happiness and positivity. I usually associate snow with loneliness and stillness based on my experiences. But this time, I remember the snow falling on my face and I was smiling and truly content.

So I searched for the meaning of snow in dreams and this what it says…

“Dreaming of snow is associated with cleanness, clarity, and a possible fresh start ahead. A stage in your life is over and there is a new beginning coming. Since snow is water in solid form, it symbolizes something about to take shape in concrete form. The water connection makes the snow appear in dreams in connection to feelings, maybe because you have been suppressing your feelings lately and they remained frozen, which means it is time to reanimate them. Spiritually, the snow represents your beauty and serenity, as well the melting of your problems.”


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