My husband and I love early mornings as well as sleep ins. But when we are in vacations, we value minutes and hours like currencies. Just being nostalgic tonight. Here are pictures of me and JC in Busuanga, Palawan, a beautiful island in the Philippines late August this year. We were kayaking from island to island instead of biking or travelling on foot. The nearest to explore was the mangroves and neighboring island resorts. Too bad there were no gators or snakes lurking around.

This kayak experience was a good proof our partnership (friendship and marriage) was built in trust and team work!!! And it works. We were cool just hanging in the middle of nowhere chatting and checking the waves, plotting our next route, and getting a tan.

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IMG_1699IMG_1751IMG_1721IMG_1702IMG_1720Better if we used a Go Pro Hero!


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