It was drizzling on a Monday night when my husband and I went to visit Danilo Arriola in his studio. As if the weather and the stillness of our surroundings aligned for a cosmic mood of darkness and subtle light leading us to his studio. Very ambient and cozy, a collection of fine masterpieces welcomed us from the front door transporting us to 1600’s Amsterdam. JC and I were left with our mouths open in awe.

I brought my samovar and Iranian tea to accompany an intimate spontaneous gathering. A night of random chats, audio speaker recommendations from JC, usual artist rave and rants, and tea appreciation.

This wasn’t the first time I visited the studio but it sure looks different at day time. An evening visit showcases a play of textures and light not only in the paintings, but Danilo’s collection of gizmos and thingamabobs too.

Kuya Dan as I call him is an academy trained painter at The Florence Academy of Art, a chiaroscurist, a fellow fine artist, a good friend of mine, and a jewel tucked in a city called Pasig.

Having been taught uncontested truths, he is now an advocate of classical painting.  Caravaggio, Bouguereau, and Chardin are a few of his influences.  Danilo paints from life, as traditional as his predecessors.  He uses the sun as his source of light.  He translates nature onto canvas by capturing a subject’s vitality and the tone of its surrounding atmosphere. He explores time-tested painting techniques, methods and materials.


Da Vinci Maestro Kolinsky Series 1503 Red Sable Round Paint Brush Set in Elegant Black Faux Leather Travel Case, 4/6/10

Kuya Dan held a show earlier this year at the Artist Space in Ayala Museum. The show was featured at the Philippine Tatler, Philippine Star, and Arts & Culture Division Chronicles.


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To see more of Danilo’s works:

#DaniloArriola on Instagram


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