I felt grey and nostalgic when I’ve finished work this afternoon. It could be the weather.

The silence was so distinct it brought me peace, and dusk felt like dusk just without a faint sound of bluegrass playing in the background. Since I got no plans on a Friday night because I prefer early morning walks or afternoon coffee with friends now, I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel again while I waited for my husband to come home.

Speaking of Friday, it’s the 30th of October and I am home preparing a nice meal for two. Also reminiscing of the autumn season and the feeling of walking like Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. Hence, I missed Manhattan. So I looked through my photos and compiled a few pictures of me visiting NYC in different seasons and shapes. Haha! But as you see, I’m leaving the autumn season to Miss Meg Ryan here until I visit my favorite city with my lovie dovie Juan Carlos in the near future.

xxx Jade


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