So many things have happened to me this week. All I can say is that they are all beautiful. There are also lessons hidden among the blessings and moments I wanted to share:


  1. Live a simple life. Don’t complicate situations by solving a problem with another problem.
  2. It’s okay to have a less active (or kind of boring) relationship, because we don’t need action, drama, suspense, and horror altogether in a relationship.
  3. Other people’s experiences is the best teacher.
  4. Be humble. Let go of your pride.
  5. Kindness heals.
  6. Listen.
  7. Appreciate life. There are things we can’t control. Learn to accept.
  8. Never lose hope.
  9. Love your children the way you love yourselves.
  10. Don’t overeat beef and fatty foods. 🙂

And there are things that I did too:

  1. Love patches bitterness. If you love someone, show them through actions. That’s enough.
  2. Once I value a person, they become treasures kept in my heart forever.
  3. Worry less, let go, and let it flow.
  4. Be grateful of the people I meet and be kind.
  5. Smile with my heart, look into other people’s eyes, and say the sincerest things. Just because loving should be unconditional.
  6. I am excited for what’s happening now as well as the future.

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