I’m not a big fan of chocolate. I only eat chocolates when I receive it as presents. I receive really good ones though! But it’s about the sugar and how it gives me migraine. I was once addicted to Lindt Chili to the point I stash a few bars a week. Then I tasted Peruvian 70% Dark Chocolate Bar and Middle Eastern sweets including Baklava, Ballourie, Burma, Bassma and all that! I stopped craving for any kind of sweets after that. To me that was the best ever!

Until last week—-I suddenly wanted to make my own treats not for me but for my husband who does not eat chocolate either! Hence the chocolate barks were born. It’s the need to release my creativity! My husband ate everything and even funded me to make more. Dude, it was good! We have a brand name already and hopefully to cater anyone who wants to taste it! 🙂

Roasted Peanuts and Oats Chocolate Bark


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