I often have vivid dreams but this distinctly happened on a gray setting. It wasn’t a sad dream but rather a peaceful and a nostalgic one.

It was drizzling. I was at home on my laptop. I looked outside the window to appreciate the cozy weather, but I noticed the front yard was lightly covered with white dust! Could that be ash? Possibly because we live in the Philippines. Anyway, I stepped outside to check. Just by looking at the something-white covered ground and plants, I know it wasn’t dust. (I am familiar with snow and snowmageddon by the way.) So I stretched out my palm then a snow flake dropped gently. It wasn’t rain. The details are so delicate and distinct AND visible. I looked up the sky and called my mom and siblings to see what’s happening. As I gazed around, there was a thin layer of fresh snow all over the yard. I know it was daytime, but the surroundings looked gray. It has that Goodnight Mommy gray or the gray that I am seeing now as I write this. There was this feeling of calmness and silence. My next impulse was to check Facebook to see if people are talking about it, but none was bragging about the freaking snow. I remember the last word I uttered was, flurries.

snow woods day
I saw this photo online then edited the colors on how I remembered my dream

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