Holidays in Baguio is such a refreshing experience. If travelers are not used to seeing a lot of people walking around the city, they must have not visited Tokyo or New York City. It was less of an issue for me and my husband but finding a place to stay was a real challenge.

It wasn’t a good thing to book at least two weeks before our vacation. We wanted to stay at The Manor so badly we never wanted to find a hotel other than that. So it was between that or a good bed and breakfast.

Thanks to Trip Advisor we found Colione Bed & Breakfast. It was fascinating how the reviews are higher than what we’ve thought. It is not enough that you judge the place by their Facebook page, and I’m so glad we didn’t. They live by good reviews online and by word of mouth. Understated yet quality place to stay. Its zen interiors with a touch of country home captivated us.

The linens are white which is a good thing. One of my pet peeves are seeing printed blankets and sheets on hotel rooms!!!
Clean and zen type bathroom is okay.
Airconditioned room in Baguio is a high five for us! Free 2 bottled water too!
And JC checking out the tv if they got NBA. Yes people they have Cignal. lol!
The reception area.
It’s so quiet in the lobby in the afternoons. So tempting to take a nap! We actually did after a long morning picking fresh veggies at the Strawberry Farm. WIFI access is free.
Second food hall. I think this place is perfect for gatherings.
There is a meeting room too!
The cozy lobby
One of the breakfast combos they serve. It’s included when you stay for the night.


The dining area by the fire place. Very pretty and so country!
Me taking rounds!
We have just arrived!
Along the Easter College Road

Colione Bed & Breakfast is about 5 minutes away from the Victory Liner station. It’s so accessible by taxi, it will take you P60-70 depending on the traffic. Colione is just a few meters away from Easter College where the famous Easter Weaving Room is located, few minutes away from Tam-Awan village and Ben Cab Museum by taxi. Breakfast is decent, they brew fresh coffee, white linens, refill toiletries every morning, free bottled water, AC room, hot & cold shower, free WIFI access, and accomodating staff. If you are a traveler, you’ll definitely love it and find this place convenient. It costs P2,200 per night this room. 

Colione Bed & Breakfast

40 Easter School Road., Cor. 2nd Road Manzanillo Subdivision, 2600 Baguio City


FB Page: Click here


2 thoughts on “Colione Bed & Breakfast Review

  1. Hi. We’re about to put forth our down payment to Colione by depositing to the Metrobank account of Zenida Co or Juanito Co as per Colione’s FB message. We would like to check if you deposited to the accounts with the same names. We appreciate your response. Thank You so much. -Fancesca

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