Beautiful Dawn Skies Sunrise Morning


Waking up at four in the morning to go to work without having breakfast usually makes me feel unaccomplished, well at least I’ve prepared my clothes the night before. So today, I wore a black floral printed dress, a black light sweater, and black pair of sandals to work. It’s still dark outside so I must go.

As the seconds progresses, I am slowly telling myself that today is going to be my day.

Everything is right on time, even the bus driver says hi. My iPod is playing a familiar song backing up a beautiful scene in the early morning skies. I’ve never seen the inner loop of the Skyway this dramatic. Can you see the Bay shining from afar? The guy seated beside me was glancing at me weirdly.

All I know is that I was just smiling the whole time and the clouds have swirls on ’em.


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