Would you believe this ain’t a vector art? Yes, we are talking about my header! This was a design that I made for a textile class plate back in college. I took photos of all my artworks made by hand before disposing them. I kept some of my favorites and that includes these two.

The designs clearly show my love for details, colors, and eccentricity even when I was younger! My parents encouraged me to get inspirations from research, watching TV, reading magazines, listening to music, and (carefully) scanning the pages of their expensive art books. 🙂 I also aspired to travel to India! But the closest thing to traveling was going to an Indian grocery store. I get good spices, hair oil, henna, and authentic food there. Anyway, here is a plate that I made for a textile design class. The idea was to come up with a tile design we later use as a pattern.

textile design plate college

And with this one below, I think it wasn’t approved as a textile pattern for a project. For production difficulty reasons I suppose. 🙂

Peacock feather graphic art drawing poster paint

So when I was looking for a picture to use as header on my blog site, I found this in my college days folder. My beautiful peacock feather drawing in poster paint. Yes, we used poster color on illustrations for ad campaigns. Everything was manually made. Unlike now, kids use Photoshop to rush a project!


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