Summer is now synonymous to Wanderland Music & Arts Festival. For our love of music, this event is an opportunity to explore new bands and experience music in 4D. Everything becomes surreal when the sun sets, and you get music high. But just like prom night, being prepared is a key to your successful Wanderland experience.

Ticket starts at Php 3,150 

Think about this: LIVE MUSIC from your FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS! What else can you ask for? The tickets are costly and we just hope there will be an early bird rate next time. You can get it at SM Ticketnet outlets.


Get updated with Wanderland’s Facebook fan page.

Check out band lineup and set time, venue map, retailers, booths, sponsors, portalet access, and everything that will make this festival interesting to you.

Plan your trip.

Since using a GPS is not efficient in Manila, it’s smarter to plan your trip ahead. Consider taking a public transportation or car pool with your friends.

ATM Machine

No worries if you ran out of cash. Oh yes, there is an ATM cart just before you enter the gates.

Plan your day.

Remember it is a whole day affair, it’s important for you to outlast the night! Consider checking the weather forecasts. In our case, we arrived at 4:00pm. Clouds were setting, it started to breeze. You are here to celebrate music, so don’t think about not getting your money’s worth.



Boredom is so overrrrated! It’s okay if you were once not a fan of fiddles and xylophones. I bet you will now include Avalanche City in your freaking playlist. Feel free to try new things and explore the wonderful world of Appalachian music! 🙂


Outdoor foldable seats or mat? 

We asked Wanderland if we can bring in seats, they declined. But then I saw a guy who brought his! Understand that not everyone are teens and some of us are already suffering from lower back pains. It’s wiser to bring mats instead of scarves. You need to protect those butt cheeks. I commend Globe Circuit Event Grounds for taking care of the grass. Just be responsible and throw your garbage in the bin.


Stay Hydrated.

Prepare to enter the heat zone. When you finally learned that ice cold beer (at Php 100) is diuretic, you ask for water so badly. To avoid headaches and hangovers caused by dehydration you should always have a glass of water between each glass of alcohol you drink. Get ready to shell out cash for little bottled water to quench your thirst.


Please Wanderland hear us out! We wish to have a water station or running water to freshen up. 🙂

Perhaps something like this? @Georgetown Waterfront (Photo on the left: georgetowner.com. Right: Screen capture from Mary Giron’s video of us.)

Save Phone Battery.

It happened to me. No Instagram, no tweets, no communication at all. Good thing my loveydovey was with me. The next time you swing by CDR King, grab a solar charger.


You can’t prevent it from happening. Stay away or inhale.


Located at the far back of the venue and few beside the stage (ikr, yet accessible for the VIPs). I hated portalets in the US and I rate Wanderland’s as the cleanest so far. I was happy that the organizers put deodorizer in every portaloo. I hope hand sanitizer brands will also sponsor next year’s event.

Retailers, Attractions, and Merch Booths

Some cool booths were located in the VIP area and limited to the VIP ticket holders only. Satchmi and My Ticker Tape Parade were my favorites. Some booths do gimmicks and give away freebies. I wonder who else will join in the fest next year.



Get in line as early as 5:00pm before the hungry mobs line up for Sbarro, nachos, hotdogs etc. There are lot of food carts to choose from, so explore again! Oh yes, they won’t let you bring in food. (Guards “thoroughly” searched our backpacks before entering. Great job on that. For the safety of everybody.)

Skin Protection

Lather on SPF every 3 hours. Wear a summer hat. Apply sunscreen even if you plan on getting a tan.

No Jersey Shore tans. Real thing, man.

Flaunt your style.

Isn’t this your time to shine? Get creative, stay comfy, and dress up like it was 1969. It was such a lovely sight to see neon colors, flowers, prints, and bizarre fashion without leaving Manila. Don’t worry if you can’t decide what to wear. No one’s paying attention to you anyways. Isn’t that the coolest thing? Keep your Wellies or rain boots ready too. Wear swimwear under instead of the norms. You don’t want to end up looking like Carmen Electra (super bakat) in case it rains, don’t you?

Cutesies everywhere!
Comfy vs Maarte

Dance, Dance.

Sweat it out. Lose calories. Avoid the mosh pit. Practice some moves in front of the mirror, or move it like you just don’t care. Never forget to put on deodorant. Respect personal space.


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