What should one do at Narita International Airport with just an hour and a half layover? I hope your answer is not ‘nothing.’

I had a zen 14-hour flight from LAX to MNL via Japan Airlines last August. I also had a kawaii view of those fashionable Japanese students in cute back packs and sweaters. I looked like a matured lady seated beside this girl sporting an apple cut with a vintage mini suitcase. Listening to in-flight Jpop music helped me get through this flight. But I was just so excited getting off the plane and eat something decent at the airport. LOTS OF CHOICES > COOKED FRESH > SERVED ON A PLATE > DEVOUR = DECENT

My walk to the next gate was easy, breezy. Few people rushing. Zen bathroom break. Flushing water sound button beside the toilet bowl also helped. I got a lot of time for myself before taking the plane to Manila. Sigh! So I took out my handy dandy camera for quick snap shots I’m going to show my Japan-enthusiast brother, Mikee when I come home.

Pocky and all these treats make me happy!

Ready to eat my ramen!

Japan Airlines


Narita International Airport



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