Going out for a walk was an okay idea, but deciding what to have for a snack on a laid back Friday afternoon is a serious dilemma. I was torn between Halo-Halo from Chowking or Sago Gulaman from Cafe Pasigueña. But I missed these fellas so bad I took a long walk from BIR via foot bridge just to get a handful of treats.

Tada! The Ice Cream Store where you can get very, very, affordable pints of ice cream, and popsicles in different flavors such as chocolate and pinipig crunch, plain choco, cheese, ube, halo-halo, melon, cookies and cream, and the ever famous buko and pandan popsicle. Each bite brings back memories of my colorful childhood. 🙂

It is an ice cream parlor type where you can also order banana split, pizza, and tada! coffee! That I haven’t tried yet. This store has seats and tables where you and your friends can do food tripping. Store is open from 10am – 9pm daily including holidays.

The menu.

It’s a gold mine in here! The classics of Pinoy ice cream: Pinipig Crunch, Twin Popsies, and Buko Ice Drop

That’s me, emoting. Nice alfresco seats too ha. 🙂

Of course, life is sweeter when you share your cool treats with others. 🙂


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