Saving our Day Before Breakfast!

When you say you are ‘in the middle of nowhere’ yet standing in the middle of all these coffee shops, all-day breakfast place, and nice restaurants because you just  can’t decide where to eat, I sympathize with you. You deserve to be in ‘that’ perfect place. Don’t get blinded by presets. In order to find ‘that’ place, one needs silence and a grumbling stomach. Your guts tell you where to go.

Well, that happened to me last Saturday morning. I went in and out five different cafes and restaurants in less than an hour. I thought I needed to satisfy an unidentified urge to have a decent breakfast experience. So my boyfriend dragged me to the nearest mall for more choices.

Shortlisting is the best.

Soon as we stepped at the mall entrance, we definitely know where to go.

Coffee. Pastry. Peace.


Believe it or not, we ended up in Mister Donut. We got a freshly brewed coffee, a hot choco, and two chicken turnovers for breakfast. But of course, since our guts brought us here, it won’t mean our eyes will suffer the view of mall goers and event center exhibits. We grabbed our to-go foodies and headed to the best part of the mall, the Ayala TriNoMa Rooftop Park.


Our breakfast turned ‘escape the mundane session’ was priceless. The view and the cool weather was so beautiful.


Tip: Perfect time to enjoy the park is as soon as the mall opens at 10:00 am when people don’t really go out to walk around. They are all inside the mall to see movies and go shopping.

ImageWe learned that we weren’t really craving for food after all. We were seated at the event stage in the middle of the park in silence, sipping warm drinks, and devouring pastry. I don’t know if there is such thing as eating while meditating, but we’ve done it successfully. 🙂

We came up with this awesome idea because we simply knew what we did not want that moment, rather than pointing out what we both like. So far, it went very well.

As the saying goes, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

xxx Have a great Tuesday! 🙂


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