Me and my siblings loved watching Mr. Squiggle when we were kids. Though my sister could no longer remember that this show ever existed, Mr. Squiggle was Australia’s longest-running children’s TV series. It was aired on a UHF channel in Manila back in the 90s. Mr. Squiggle is a man from the moon who has a huge pencil-nose he uses for doodling. 

But my parents greatly influenced us playing the doodle game, that it became a tradition usually after dinner time. We are celebrating our 20th year of playing this game. 🙂 Yay!

The objective of the game is to simply come up with a picture out of the doodles curves or lines the first player created. It’s a creativity game that challenges the players to see beyond what’s unseen. Every time a picture has been completed, you will just hear ahhs and oohs in the room. 

Here’s the most recent doodles me and my sister did using Skitch for Kindle Fire, instead of paper and pen. It is fun and environmental-friendly too.

Download your Skitch App now

Start doodling. Take turns. Save each turns. Start again. You will see the saved sketches in your folder, upload it. 🙂

Now, it’s your turn to do the Doodle Battle! 


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