First Day of February

Do you remember that scene from The Lake House where Kate is in a plaza with her mom, she mentions how hot the weather is for Valentine’s Day? Today, the first day of February 2012 feels exactly like that. 

I woke up at 8:30 in the morning and it came to my system that I should be at work before 9:30 today to receive a UPS package. I skipped three morning routines to make it to the 9:00 bus trip. I knew it will be on the 60s today, so I just wore sweater and jeans. I got to the bus stop at 8:55. Sometimes the bus comes 10 minutes early, but today they’re 13 minutes late. After a 15-minute trip, I got off, crossed the PedXing, and walked to the building entrance door without the annoying bank guard standing there when I walked past his post. Everything was smooth sailing. Fortunately, the postman arrived at 10:45. Time flies so fast. At 11:55, I was already starving.

Five Guys or Vie De France? Should I satisfy my cravings for juicy burgers and later regret the gassy bloated belly, or should I just get an apple turnover to accompany my brewed coffee? I didn’t mind walking another block to get to Vie De France. Order a garlic mushroom pizza, an apple turnover, and a coffee my heart says. I went out the store to find a seat at the open court just outside Starbucks and other shops. I haven’t done this in a while since it should be very cold outside during winter time. I also bring lunch with me to save a couple of bucks every day.


I started devouring the pizza with gusto while watching two women decorating the trees with red ribbons and hearts. At the second floor of the office building in front of me, a man was bringing out a silhouette cut-out of Cupid attached to a red heart cushion through the windows. It looked like Santa Claus on the rooftop to me. Then it started to dim. Rain clouds came over us. Everybody rushed in just in case it pours. I cherish days like this when greyness suddenly cuts in. (Just like last summer when we were in Miami. We were getting sober from cocktail drinks and Corona, admiring the ocean, when nimbus clouds ravaged the scenery. We ran and laughed and washed our sandy toes in no time.) Then I headed back to the office with left-overs in my left hand, walking very calmly and as cool as a breeze.


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