Allow me to retell the story about a girl who is as curious as Alice and as naive as the Little Red Riding Hood. 

Not so long time ago, when fables were cool and vampire stories were horrible, there was a girl named Goldie.

Goldie found a house in the woods one summer day. She entered through the windows thinking it was abandoned.

“Ooh! There’s food!”

She tasted the food and finished a bowl of porridge.

“Ooh! Chairs!”

She sat on three different chairs, but what’s the point of doing that? Goldie then broke the smallest chair. Oh well.

“Oh, I feel very full.”

Now that she felt dizzy after finishing a bowl of porridge or congee, she went upstairs, opened the bedroom door, and found three beds.

“Ooh! Cutieness!”

Goldie tucked herself in to the cutest bed and went Zzzzz…

After maybe an hour or so, something or someone woke her up. There were three Godzillas staring at her. What will Goldie do?  

This is the kind of dream that I don’t want to dream about. 

(Art by Jade. Retold by Jade. Pen on Paper)


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