Hippie Asian Garden Party

Haven’t I mentioned that the Fiesta Girl also do events?

One of my favorites is the recent garden party I have designed for the Eusebio’s home. It was a Dim Sum party that evolved to a fusion themed one.

We raided the basement for decors and it turned out very gorgeous.

Food was ordered from New Fortune Chinese Restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD. It was my first time having Taro Dumpling and oh boy, I dreamed of it ever since.

The celebrants wanted guest participation. We came up with three phases: the fellowship, the wishing, and the fortune.

The Fellowship: guests gather for a Dim Sum feast. We took out the Persian carpet and utilized the free space. (We just had planted fresh seedings on the ground, so this carpet helps a lot not to interrupt the growth of the grass.) I threw in Moroccan-ish cushions and Jenka brought out her Japanese floor tables too. The acoustic guitar added a touch of hippiness.

The Wishing: The celebrants asked for wishes instead of gifts. They can offer prayers at a separate serene area where they can burn silver/gold papers and light incense sticks. We filled the zen fountain with sand as incense holders.

The Fortune: Basically the principle of receiving good deeds after the guests offered prayers or wishes, they pick Fortune Cookies from the tree.

Under the fortune tree, sits a koi pond where they can also throw in some pennies.

They just can’t get enough of enjoying a cool autumn evening, so we started to burn wood from the outdoor terra cotta fireplace.

A good mythical friend also visited the party.

This was one of the best lounge parties I have organized. During the party, you can only see me doing rounds, taking photographs, and hanging out in the kitchen (to sneak out some dumplings).

Our lovely guests left with smiles on their faces and a little bit tipsy. Thanks to our bottomless champagne supply.

P.S. The people behind the event:

From the top left: Ate Emma, Jade (that’s me), Tita Tata, Jenka, Dr. Jovy (her mom), Ate Nancy, and Ate Perly (who was taking the picture). Tita Benjie wasn’t in the photo but she cooked the best pansit our Lola Pistang taught her decades ago.


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