Heinz tomato ketchup packaging catch up

I said goodbye to a messy sachet past.

Here comes the revolutionary Heinz ketchup ‘Dip & Squeeze’ packaging. You can either peel off the lid for easy dipping, or just squeeze it like a plastic ketchup container. So easy and neat! I think it has more ketchup in there (they say it holds thrice as much).

A spokesperson for Heinz said: “For more than a century, product and packaging innovation based on a thorough understanding of what consumers want has been a critical part of the great success of Heinz Ketchup.”

I can now enjoy a dose of Lycopene wherever and whenever without looking (a little) pitiful. XXX  I love it!

P.S. Can they please sell the purple and green ketchup again but now put it in a cool packaging like this? 


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