West End Cinema

For me watching something that you can not see from the theaters always satisfy my hunger for understanding the misunderstood. My off-beat nature taught me how to find beauty from imperfections because I myself is not complicated. (Or let’s just say, I have my own way of doing things.)

When I was in Manila, I’ve searched for Cannes Film Festival entries and Asian movies on the internet. I bombarded DVD stalls with the movie titles I have written on a sheet of paper and sometimes ask them to look for it and I’ll go back in three days to buy it. I’ve been doing it since college.

Now, the library across my work place is my #1 source of indie film DVDs that it became so easy for me to get updated or to catch up. I watched more independent films in the past year than seeing Hollywood movies in the cinema.

My love for independent movies grew even stronger when I finally found a sanctuary just for them 30 minutes away from Bethesda. The West End Cinema in DC specializes in independent, foreign, and documentary films. It is a small haven with a snack bar which serves alcoholic drinks, candies, baklava and of course the renowned gourmet popcorn.

Voted as the “Best Movie Popcorn” in DC.

Menu peeping.

(I know, I know.) Hot tea and buttered popcorn topped with Old Bay seasoning is my thing for tonight.

Getting ready to see the LFS of Amigo during the premiere.

Upcoming films.

This is how cute the restroom is. 😀

For details and membership: http://www.westendcinema.com/index.html

Photo credits: 1st photo: (http://www.welovedc.com/2011/02/23/oscar-watch-talking-oscars-with-west-end-cinema-part-i/), 2nd photo: (http://www.westendcinema.com), everything else…mine.


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