The Battle of Philadelphia Steaks

July 18, 2010

There are two famous Philly Steak places in PA that we have heard of. The first one is the famous Pat’s King of Steaks (since 1930) where a customer has to say what they wanted to order in chronological order how it was written in the menu. You can ALWAYS try again if you mess up with your orders. Go back and fall in line to perfect your script. The second contender was the Geno’s Steaks. They have a very flashy façade that leaves it unintimidating at all. Just order what you want and that’s it.

I am up for the challenge. Arriving at Pat’s, there were no lines, just old folks chit chatting this early in the morning. Dismayed and relieved at the same time, I ordered my Roast Beef Mushroom Steak Sandwich and the guy gave it at a discounted price to me. Man! I hit jackpot. The best roast beef sandwich I’ve ever tasted compare to the secondary Sub store. My job here is done.


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