My earliest memory involving gospel music was when I was invited by a youth group to dance “Papuri sa Diyos” during an occasion in barrio Bambang. I was six years old mingling with kids and chapel staff enthusiastically. It was the very first gospel song I memorized whole-heartedly. 

From then on, singing gospel hymns makes me feel so emotional. I’m always excited to hold the song book during Sunday assemblies or mass. But singing out loud never came to me easily until recently I got to sing at our company’s choir in 2008. 

I remember when I was in college, JC and I got to see the UST Symphony Orchestra live in our university’s church. They performed holiday carols which made my heart scream with glee. It was a dream come true. We did not have tickets to sit with all the beautiful people in gala dresses, but we had the most decent view from the church’s balcony where the spotlights and tech booth was operated. It was magnificent and overwhelming.

I realized my appreciation for gospel music because of this Gospel Hymns No.5 song book that I got from Books on Bay vintage bookstore in Savannah, GA. I was supposed to get an early 1900’s art history book but chose this instead. I felt more personal because it wasn’t just a reference book. 

(Here’s what is written on the Preface page)



This collection, used by Mr. D.L. Moody, Dr. Geo F. Pentecost, Mr. D. W. Whittle, and other Christian workers, contains the latest and best pieces of the compilers, and a large number of the most useful and popular Sacred Songs by many of the leading composers today. A few Standard Hymns and Tunes by the best English authors will also be found in this volume, which, together with the fine selection from “Gospel Hymns Consolidated,” make a book which we hope will give satisfaction to all who use it. It contains more new pieces than any of the single numbers that have preceded it. 




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