The Zen Commandments


Take care, stay aware. Watch your step. 

Pay attention – it pays off.


Awaken your mind, open your heart and energize yourself. 

Learn to see clearly and love generously.


Find a way to live your own spiritual practice. 

Develop ongoing spiritual life, not just a few spiritual experiences.


Don’t seek other’s light. Exploit your own innate natural 

resources for a change. Mine the mind.


Freedom is a process, not just an idea or ideal outcome. 

Progress is more important than perfection.


Learn to accept, to let go, and let be. Allow.


Lighten up while lightening up. Cultivate joy. 

Don’t take yourself too seriously, or it won’t be much fun.


Don’t cling to anything. Recognize everything as impermanent

 and like a dream, a movie, and a sitcom. 

Remember the daily mantra: This too shall pass.


Not too tight, and not too loose. 

Stay attuned to the big picture.


Be mindful. Pay attention. Keep your eyes peeled. 

Be vigilant and intelligent about your experiments with reality.


Be here while getting there, every single step of the way.


Don’t rely on mere words and concepts. Just say maybe.


Don’t be deceived by ideas and opinions, either others’ or your own. 

You just can’t believe whatever you think.


-from the book, The Big Questions: How to find your own answers to life’s essential mysteries by Lama Surya Das



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