Funnel Cake Memories Fried To Last


The banner says ‘Washington Folk Festival at Glen Echo Park’ boldly in red capital letters. Glen Echo is only a five minute drive and a forty-five minute walk from where I stay. I have no idea what a folk festival is so I will give this one a try. The word ‘folk’ to me are synonymous to fields and sound of a whistle in the wind. If I put those ideas together I get a carnival of barefooted people selling home-made goodies with Pleasantville look on their faces. And so it was.

Walking closer to the park made my eyes smile! There was an elderly man who looked like Uncle Don demonstrating his indigenous contra bass to people exiting the park whilst the sound of the carousel fills the air. Then a swirly cloud from the heavens came down and fetched me. Here’s where the festival experience starts. Man, this is awesome!

Pottery, tie dyed and glass workshops, cheap eats, and art fair make feasts like this lively but the folk music is the heart of this festival. Crowds fancy these rockstars in fiddle and guitar. My ears were clapping for so much glee. I was lucky to capture those moments with my folk’s digital SLR camera. Oh I am actually using the word ‘folk’ now. Pocket concerts from different parts of the park features blue grass, soul and Cat Steven-ish melodies. I never thought I could actually see a freckled red head girl in jumpsuit playing a jaw harp to me. I even tried the Appalachian dulcimer and looked cool but there was no one to take my picture. After an encounter with a traditional mountain instrument, this African American a cappella band singing an uplifting soul ballad about love and harmony tickled my empathy. I was clapping my hands to the beat feeling the rhythm lingering above my head.

It was almost six; it’s time to go home. This beautiful scene where different people gather in a place to celebrate life through arts reminds me of home. I am walking away from this moment but I know it will happen again. All Jade can do now is to cherish the funnel cake memories and be grateful for nibbling it. *Share The Love!*

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